Why Use Google Adsense?

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Why Use Google Adsense?

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard about Google’s AdSense program and you may be thinking about giving it a try. But you might be wondering, is it really worth placing AdSense banners on your site?

The answer is a definite YES. You could always have some other ad banners on your site, or feature some search or affillliate program which would probably make you a little money, given of course that your site has a healthy amount of traffic. However with affiliate marketing, your visitor has to complete a sale before you earn anything.

But that’s not what needs to happen for you to make money with AdSense. There are people who earn in excess of $100,000 per year by using AdSense ads alone. Because you get paid by Google just for SHOWING the ads, and you get paid a lot more when people CLICK on the ads. No sale is required!

Yes, you need tens or even hundreds of thousands of page views per month on your site to make any significant money but the truth is, you need that kind of activity to make virtually any income producing program work well for you. You should definitely be employing other monetization techniques but Adsense is a simple and steady money-maker from the get-go.

Keep in mind that the ads generated by Google are based on 1) the content of your site and 2) the interests that Google has already determined from your visitor’s browsing habits. If they have been looking at boat sites, then boat product ads will be shown to them on your site. See how that works?

What’s more, Adsense banners are designed to fit the spaces you have availabe for advertising on your site. Virtually every standard web graphic size and shape can be found on the Adsense platform which means they appear integrated with the rest of your site’s content, bringing an increase in the overall UX or User Experience. Your site will look similar to even the biggest players. You’ll look like a pro! (When browsing the web, just notice how many MAJOR BRANDS are showing Adsense ads on their sites. Why? It’s gravy: easy passive income.)

It’s free to join the AdSense program and setting up AdSense ads on your site is a breeze; you can complete the whole process in less then an hour.

After setting up your your Adsense account (go to https://www.google.com/adsense/start/how-it-works/#/ all you need to do is grab the code for whatever size Adsense banner you want to show on your website and paste it into the HTML of your web pages.

NOTE: You should be building your site on WordPress because it is soooooo easy to use. Plus, there are lotof free WordPress plugins available that make adding Adsense ads super simple.WordPress

AdSense is a great advertising program because a lot of thought went into making it work for everyone. It works great for the people who use AdWords, for the webmasters using AdSense, and most importantly for the visitors of the websites. They have Google credibility.

For best results you should be creating SEO optimized niche websites. You can find some good adsense templates and blog templates at AdsenseTemplates.com or search WordPress.org for “Adsense templates.”

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