A Simple Way to Create Content for Your Blog


A Simple Way to Create Content for Your Blog

It’s hard to know what to write about that will actually attract people to your site. It’s a sometimes difficult and always time-consuming job to create new content.

Here’s  a unique solution:

  1. Go to http://answerthepublic.com.
  2. Type in a subject – anything you are interested in*
  3. Write and publish a blog post or create a webpage with one of the EXACT
    suggested questions or phrases as the title**

*You will see hundreds of QUESTIONS that people are typing in their browsers
right now. Just pick one!

**Of course, answer the question as best you can in your post!

If you do this on a regular basis, crucial RELEVANT content will grow quickly on your site,
improving your rankings, and gaining you new visitors, friends, customers, email subscribers,
LEADS…eyeballs. Google will see what you’re doing and reward your site with visitors,
as their only concern is to satisfy their searchers 🙂

A Simple (Yet Fun and Effective) Way to Grow Your Blog or Website

AnswerThePublic.com: that free visual keyword research & content ideas tool

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