Simple File Downloader WordPress Plugin

Simple File Downloader WordPress Plugin

Do you want to offer free downloads like music, ebooks, images, etc. from your WordPress blog?

Here’s the Simple File Downloader plugin you need, and its FREE!

Simple File Downloader WordPress Plugin

This super-simple free plugin allows your site visitors an easy and obvious way to download files from your WordPress posts and pages, without taking them to another site.

After uploading and activating the plugin on your website, an “Add Download”  button appears in the post editor. Just click the button and select a file from your Media Library. You can then then add the link text you want to display for the downloadable file. The plugin then inserts a unique shortcode into your post, which displays the download link when the post is published.

The great thing about this particular plugin is that when the link is clicked, the download starts immediately.

Another nice feature is that you can add a parameter to the shortcode which will display an image, like a button graphic, instead of the text link.

If you need an easy way to offer image, music or any other files for download, as well as display a button graphic of your choice for your file downloads, then Simple File Downloader is a suitable choice.

Click here to get Simple File Downloader!

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