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Do You Want to Know What is the MOST MODERN SEO TECHNIQUE for 2016?

Have you tried tricking Google by buying backlinks? We have.

Have you spent hours creating articles for ezine sites to send traffic and create quality backlinks? We have.

Have you taken long lists of high PR forums and posted to them over and over? We have.

YouTube marketing? Yep.

Google Adwords and Faceboook Ads….yep (ouch).

Solo ads, adswaps, traffic exhanges…ad nauseam. Yes.

And as it turns out it really still is about CONTENT.

But maybe not in the way you have thought in the past.

There’s a new book out, and for a limited time it is FREE on Amazon.

You should get it if you can: Authority Content

Amazingly concise and informative book about what you should be doing for MAXIMUM exposure online…and longevity–in the MODERN SEO WORLD (2016).

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