Don’t Use Social Media for a Quick Fix

Learning to Use Your Marketing Tools is as Important to Your Trade as it Would be on Any Other Field

“Our business is in a rut, we’re not getting any sales, we have really slowed down this month.”

Ever heard this or, perhaps, said something like this about your business?

Then thought,  “Let’s go to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, add a whole bunch of friends and then just start hammering them with deals and coupons and specials.”

That is definitely not the way you want to approach social media. Social media mainly is about connections: meeting people, finding common ground, developing long-term relationships, sharing value back and forth.

If you look to social media as a quick fix, like buying a huge ad in attempt to move a bunch of inventory quickly, that is not going to cut it.

In fact, you might only get yourself a rash of people who are unhappy with you and actually start unfollowing you and start ignoring your messages on social media. You don’t want that!

Don’t make the mistake of using social media as a quick fix to activity problems or slow sales. It won’t work. Always think of social media as a relationship-building and only a relationship-building tool.

Make friends and share great content, ideas and products with them. That will pay off best in the long run.

Don’t Use Social Media for a Quick Fix!

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