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About Best Selling Internet Marketing Courses

I like this image, do you? Ironically, I found it on entrepreneur.com when I googled for images of Internet Marketing Pioneer, Corey Rudl, surely one of the earliest webpreneurs.

The late Corey Rudl came immediately to mind when I started thinking about creating a website called Best-Selling-Internet-Marketing-Courses.com.

Corey not only was the creator of a best-selling Internet marketing course but he was the first “e-mentor” for me and for tens of thousands of other entrepreneurs in the 1990s trying to figure out how to sell using this incredible new platform called The Internet.

If you know who Corey Rudl is then you’ve been marketing online for a long time, like me.

Also like me, you may have been, from time to time, equally baffled about where to get the best advice.

Sometimes best sellers are the best. Sometimes they are the best for a time and then become obsolete. The Internet is nothing if not dynamic…be prepared for change!

What’s most important is what is best for you.

If what you find on this website for tools, techniques, mentors, discussion and direction, i.e. HELP, is of value to you, please let us know. And feel free to share your best advice with us as well! We’re all in this together. 🙂



Live Long and Prosper


Live Long and Prosper,

DA Jack Hayford

PS. I will send you only the best stuff, I promise!




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