43 ‘How-To’ Videos Reveal The Key To Mastering WordPress!

43 WordPress Training VIdeos


43 ‘How-To’ Videos Reveal The Key To Mastering WordPress!

If you know how to create a WordPress website, you can start making money online right away!

But you must learn some basics so you can create your blog/website correctly. Google LOVES WordPress sites and the functionality is SUPER EASY to learn (with a little help!).


The 43 Videos in this Package:

Video #1 – How To Organize & Backup Your Blog
Video #2 – Optimizing Your Blog For Keywords
Video #3 – Buying A Keyword-Optimized Domain Name
Video #4 – Choosing A Web Hosting Service For Your Blog
Video #5 – How To Change Domain Name Servers
Video #6 – Using FTP
Video #7 – Controlling The Control Panel!
Video #8 – Creating Sub-Domains
Video #9 – Installing WordPress
Video #10 – Creating A Database

Video #11 – Uploading Your Blog
Video #12 – Upgrading Your Blog
Video #13 – WordPress Plugins
Video #14 – Protecting Your Blog With .htaccess!
Video #15 – Protecting Your Login Page
Video #16 – Plugins With RSS Updates
Video #17 – Backing Up Your Blog
Video #18 – Protecting The wp-config.php File
Video #19 – Using RoboForm
Video #20 – Limiting Access To Your Blog!

Video #21 – Cleaning Up Your Dashboard!
Video #22 – Installing WordPress Themes
Video #23 – Installing WordPress Plugins
Video #24 – Installing Multiple Plugins!
Video #25 – How To Configure Askimet To Reduce Spam!
Video #26 – How To Configure ‘All In One SEO’ For Top Rankings!
Video #27 – Improving Your SEO With A Free Plugin!
Video #28 – Installing A Contact Form!
Video #29 – Setting Up Google Analytics
Video #30 – How To Auto-Post Content!

Video #31 – Creating And Customizing Blog Posts
Video #32 – Creating New Static Blog Pages
Video #33 – How To Administrate Your Blog
Video #34 – Understanding And Installing Widgets
Video #35 – Backing Up Blog With Free Software
Video #36 – Creating A Sales Page On Your Blog
Video #37 – Creating Mini-Sites With WordPress
Video #38 – How To Create A Static Front Page
Video #39 – How To Create Drop-Down Menus
Video #40 – How To Add Streaming Videos To Your Blog!

Video #41 – How To Customize Your Video Player – Part 1
Video #42 – How To Customize Your Video Player – Part 2
Video #43 – How To Customize Your Audio Player

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