14 Growth Hacks I Used To Drive 20 Million Views

Jeff Bullas

Jeff  Bullas says:

Growing your business can be tough.

In the past you cold called, built business networks and advertised in print. If you were into guerilla marketing then creating a PR stunt could work well. But I don’t like dressing up as a rabbit to sell Easter eggs.

For most, the opportunity of massive media reach like television was also out of the question.

Too expensive.

So……the choices were few but the opportunity was also smaller. It was local. Most media did not go beyond national borders. When I stumbled into social for the first time there was sudden clarity.

The world could be reached with one tweet.

But there is a challenge

For many of us the new digital world is strange and forbidding. We read about technology with its terms and acronyms that are overwhelming and unfamiliar.


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